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Theodolite Brass

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Here are some of the discounted options for Theodolite Brass:

ANTIQUE NEW YORK RAPID TRANSIT BRASS LOCK AND KEYS WORKS GREAT,WWI RANGE FINDER OR THEODOLITE BY C. P. GOERZ BERLIN IN LEATHER CASE,ANTIQUE Vintage CRAFTSMAN BRASS TRANSIT JOINTED WOOD CASE & WOOD TRIPOD #9654 NR, W & L E Gurley U.S.G.S transit brass survey instrument leather bound case,Nautical Brass Desk Alidade Compass Functional Theodolite Replica Table Decor ,Vtg Wood & Brass Chicago Steel Tape 12 ft 3 pc TRANSIT Rod Measuring Pole w/BAG,3" POCKET TRANSIT COMPASS w/BOX - Field Compasses BRASS,OLD W. & L.E. GURLEY TRANSIT LEVEL BRASS IN WOOD BOX NO. 7947 ON UNDERSIDE,Early 1900's Brass Surveyor's Cross Staff Octagonal Head Theodolite Compass FShi,Antique Sight Level Brass Transit Telescope,DAVID WHITE CO. VINTAGE SURVEYOR LEVEL SCOPE BRASS METAL CASE TRANSIT IMPROVED,antique transit with survey tripod brass wood with height 3 piece stick ,antique brass theodolite aJos.& Jan Fric PRAHA ,old rare,Antique Brass Surveyor’s Transit w Wood Box #8351 Service Blue Print Co St Louis,KEUFFEL & ESSER BRASS SURVEY TRANSIT 1910 #5120 Railroad 18" Scope Wye Level,5' Berger Transit light Level Tripod 3.25" Wood Antique Wooden Brass Survey Old,ANTIQUATED BRASS LARGE 14" HEAVY BRASS THEODOLITE SURVEY INSTRUMENT w TEAK CASE,Antique Brass SURVEYING MINING DIAL MINERS COMPASS transit R&A Rost Wien w. box,Vintage Theodolite Nautical Telescope Alidade Compass Maritime in Polish finish,Nautical Telescope Alidade Theodolite Compass Maritime in Nickel (Chrome) finish,

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